Why Choose Chadstone Toyota?

November 19, 2018

Why Choose Chadstone Toyota?

Buying a new car is an extensive process so we wanted to give you some reasons to choose Chadstone Toyota as a preferred dealership. Due to the overwhelming range of available dealerships, it is crucial to choose a dealer that will meet your needs and provide ongoing, quality service long after the purchase has been settled.

Chadstone Toyota’s dealership promise to you is “Quality Service, Trusted Advice”

In this article, we’ll discuss the standard of quality, service and experience you should look for when choosing a dealership.

The Famous Toyota Standard of Price, Quality and Availability

Toyota is globally renowned for their low operating and maintenance costs; selling quality vehicles that are affordable and built to last. It’s human nature to crave a bargain, so successfully finding a great price on a new car is a gratifying feeling.

If a dealer’s stock is limited, so are your options. Even if you plan on customising your extras, the most straightforward approach to obtaining your preferred car is being able to inspect and test drive your vehicle on the lot. Chadstone Toyota offer a total one-stop-shop to remove the hassle of getting your new car on the road as soon as possible.

Located 2km from the geographical centre of Melbourne, 12kms from the CBD  and surrounded by major arterial roads, accessing Chadstone Toyota is simple.

Experience and Longevity at Chadstone Toyota

Buying from a dealer with a long lifespan means you can trust their business management – the dealerships that place emphasis on ethics and client care tend to thrive, while poorly run dealerships will often disappear as quickly as they began. Your relationship with the dealer continues long after the purchase is made, as you return for servicing and repairs, so it is important to trust that your dealer will still be there when you need them in the future.

Chadstone Toyota is a family owned business that has been trading for 27 years. Guests are recognised, respected and supported every time they return. In an oversaturated market, a business with such an impressive level of longevity must be dedicated to the highest standard of products and customer care.

Customer Service at Chadstone Toyota

People respond differently to varying levels of customer service. When walking into a dealership, you will quickly lose interest if you are not approached by a member of the sales staff. However, it can be transparent when a salesperson is viewing you as an easy target for commissions. Of course, we as customers recognise that businesses are looking to profit but this can work in favour for both consumer and staff when the company provides quality products, expert advice and compassionate flexibility.

Informed client care, when meshed with integrity, fosters trust between the dealership and yourself – finding a salesperson who is dedicated to finding the right solution while avoiding any unnecessary costs is integral to a mutually beneficial relationship.

For impeccable service and informed solutions, contact Chadstone Toyota online or call 03 9568 0933. Our helpful, experienced staff will happily talk through your options to find the right vehicle for you today.