Stay Safe On The Bustling Roads Of Melbourne With A Toyota

October 2, 2020

Toyota’s Are Designed To Protect You Long After You Leave Our Oakleigh Dealership.

If we will take away anything from 2020, it will be our newly acquired DIY skills and a greater consciousness for our safety. Although the roads of Melbourne have been eerily quiet over the last few months, in true Melbourne fashion we can expect the hustle and bustle will be back in no time.

Like the rest of us, Toyota Australia did not prepare for a global pandemic this year (but oh, how we wish we did!). However, for the past several decades, the brand has been developing our industry-leading suite of safety technology to be smarter and more secure than ever. This is one of the many reasons why Toyota is renowned for providing some of the most reliable vehicles in the Australian market, trusted and vouched for by many Aussie families.

So, no matter what New Toyota or Demo Toyota you drive home in, you can rest assured that it contains first-class safety features that are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. You have probably heard of ‘ANCAP Safety’, but do you really know what that means? In short, ANCAP Safety (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) Ratings award models between 0 to 5 stars to indicate the level of safety they provide in the event of a crash and their ability to avoid or minimise the effects of an accident.

Here at Chadstone Toyota, we’re proud to promote that every Toyota in our Oakleigh, Melbourne Showroom has been awarded a 5 star ANCAP safety rating.

These successes are owed to the vast library of Toyota Safety Sense features hidden within each and every Toyota. As the technologies vary slightly between models, Contact Our Expert Team to find out more about the features in your dream Toyota.


Toyota Safety Sense

We could talk to you for hours on end about the many technologies that make up Toyota’s safety suite, better known as Safety Sense. Aside from our very handy parking features and wheel control, here are the four super-clever superpowers that always steal the show:

Road Sign Assist (RSA) – Give yourself an added set of eyes (AKA a front-mounted camera) with this smart new feature that was built to identify Australian speed limit signs and provide a visual alert when the speed limit changes.

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Active Cruise Control (ACC) – Once you have experienced it for yourself, we know for certain that you’ll never want to drive another car without ACC. Once set, your vehicle will stay at your chosen speed, decelerating when a slower vehicle is detected ahead to maintain a safe distance.

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Pre-Collision Safety (PCS) system – Like when Superman stops the train with his mega muscles to save the innocent civilians, PCS monitors the road ahead of you to alert and slow the vehicle if a potential collision is detected.

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Lane Departure Alert (LDA) & Lane Trace Assist (LTA) –  Sometimes, no matter how hard we feel we’re concentrating, we can drift out of our lane which poses a major risk to yourself, the passengers in your car and those around you. LDA identifies the lane markings on either side of your car to alert when you’re drifting off track, and LTA works with ACC to give a helping hand and apply extra steering support on your wheel, maintaining your position between the lines. It’s incredible!

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Excitingly, the All-New Toyota Yaris that launched earlier this year is filled with the most advanced Toyota Safety Sense technology available in Australia and has already proven to be a crowd favourite. Want to try it for yourself? Contact Us to book a test drive.

Do you know how long we spend travelling to and from work in Melbourne? According to the HILDA (Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) Survey, the average daily commute per person in our dense city is a whopping 65 minutes. So, not only is it essential that our cars are extremely comfortable and enjoyable to drive (✓ check and ✓ check), safety is also huge factor that you need to consider when buying your next car.

To learn more about the comprehensive array of Toyota Safety Sense features, Contact Us today. And when it’s time to get back on Melbourne roads, if you are not feeling brave enough to dust the spider webs off the car in your garage, visit our Online Showroom and explore the wide range of Toyota vehicles for sale today.

From your local team at Chadstone Toyota, stay safe and we look forward to assisting you in the near future.