The All-New RAV4 Has Arrived At Chadstone Toyota In Oakleigh, Melbourne.

November 28, 2019

Return of Recreation.

At Toyota, we believe that no matter how well our vehicles are rated, there’s always room for improvement. We also believe it’s OK to boast!

The ever popular Toyota RAV4 has been redesigned and relaunched into the Chadstone Toyota Showroom, with plans to take the Hybrid vehicle market by storm. Still including all the same great features that the RAV4 is known for, this new model packs a punch of innovation for ultimate power, fuel efficiency, safety and sustainability, enhancing your driving experience in every way possible.


The All-New RAV4 now has the option of Toyota’s signature petrol-electric Hybrid technology, to produce outstanding power delivery and fuel efficiency in either 2WD or AWD versions. Class-leading safety comes as standard with the All-New RAV4 along with better handling and ride quality. Every detail of the RAV4 has been designed to energise and inspire, from its luxury interior to advanced technology systems. If there was ever an SUV that was styled for all-out excitement, the All-New RAV4 is it.

“All-New RAV4 is the most accomplished Toyota SUV yet.” – Peter Robinson, Wheels


Don’t let Hybrid vehicles  scare you! Hybrid vehicles combine a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor to lower fuel consumption and emissions, by either reducing an engine’s workload or by solely relying on battery power. In short, you’re not only helping save our precious planet, but you’re also saving precious pennies on fuel!

The benefit of owning the All-New RAV4 means you can ease into the world of electric vehicles without cutting out your local servo cold turkey. Containing only a single fuel tank and a battery that does not require charging (that’s right!), you don’t need to worry about installing a charging point in your garage or learning where your local chargers are. This Hybrid battery will charge as you drive.

There’s never been a better time to go green, and you don’t need to be Leonardo DiCaprio to play your part!

This award-winning vehicle has been proven to suit drivers in all stages of life. Whether you’re zipping through the bustling streets of Melbourne City, packing the family and pets into the car for a road trip, or searching for a weekend getaway vehicle to explore Yarra Valley wineries, the All-New RAV4 can handle it all.


The Toyota RAV4 has won the 2019 CarsGuide Car of the Year award and the Family Car of the Year in the prestigious awards, ranking #1 out of over 100 vehicles that were evaluated.

In a country that is easing into the idea of Hybrid cars, Toyota has been at the lead of this revolution since 1997, laying down the road for other manufacturers to follow. Worldwide, over 12 million people are already driving a Toyota Hybrid vehicle, and this is just the beginning.

When you choose Toyota, you can expect high-quality Toyota engineering. Our Hybrid batteries are smart, robust and backed by decades of research and expertise.



Don’t take our word for it! We urge you to visit our Toyota dealership in Oakleigh to book an obligation-free Test Drive and experience the industry-leading technology for yourself. If you have any questions, Contact our team of experts to find out more.