Australian Bushfires Support

January 7, 2020

Parts of Australia are experiencing devastation and loss due to the current bushfires that are tearing through our country.

To help support those affected, Chadstone Toyota will be donating $50 for every New, Used, or Demonstrator vehicle sold during the months of January & February.

If you would like to donate please find the link to the Red Cross donation page listed below for your convenience.

Since July 2019, Red Cross teams have responded to 30 emergencies (some of which have been going for up to 6 weeks) and supported over 18,600 people, through the efforts of more than 1,590 volunteers and staff. Right now they are supporting thousands of people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs across Australia.

Their Register.Find.Reunite service, which reunifies people who have been separated in the bushfire emergency, has registered over 30,000 people and taken more than 5,000 enquires.

This couldn’t have been possible without those that have generously donated.

Your donation helps Red Cross give people the support they need in disasters, whenever and wherever they happen.